Alan Paine

After discovering some hand knitting machines in his family’s timbered warehouse in Godalming, William Paine taught himself to knit and within a few years his hobby turned into a business where he arguably developed the first cable knit sweaters.

These sweaters quickly grew popular and sales of knitwear increased which enabled the company to widen its outlets into London and throughout the rest of the country.

After the Second World War, the company heralded a new era when Alan Paine, William’s son, took over from his father. Alan Paine’s re-launch of the business saw a trading establishment within the US.

In the 1970’s Alan’s two sons joined the business and the focus moved to developing the European market. The Paine family sold the business in the early 1990’s and several years later, James Hinton, who joined Alan Paine in 1986, became the proud owner of Alan Paine.

Over recent years the brand has developed far beyond their core base of classic knitwear to incorporate a successful English Lifestyle range into the collection, featuring complementary jackets, coats, shirts and sports coats. More recently, Alan Paine has launched its exciting Country Collection, a range of stylish classic and contemporary coats, jackets, waistcoats and accessories for both men and women in a variety of stunning fabrics, all offering the characteristic quality associated with Alan Paine.

English Explorer Collection
The English Explorer Collection features updated classic English garments reminiscent of those worn by the eminent mountaineer, George Mallory. Mallory took part in three expeditions to Mount Everest, the final one being his last. When his body was discovered, one of the numerous items of clothing recovered bore the label WF Paine, High Street, Godalming. This was the shop owned by Alan Paine’s father, William Paine, and the place where William founded his knitwear business in 1907.