A lot of great ideas are born on a napkin.

Ours, however, was drawn in the sand during a chance meeting along a sandbar just off the Shackleford Banks on the North Carolina coast where we both anchored up to join some friends for an afternoon “boat social”. It began as a conversation about our common passion for the outdoors, the discovery of places off the beaten path and the finer things in life – while in the company of friends.

The more we talked and met, the more we discovered our common passions in life. From family values to an appreciation for undiscovered, hard to find handcrafted things that lie beyond the obvious, we shared many of the same pursuits. But, more than anything, we both enjoyed being spontaneous with close friends, and just spending time in places that inspire us.

We wanted to create a brand that celebrates all of the things we appreciate, that are close to our heart and that we believe in. While the name “Fish Hippie” may be deceiving or seem as though we are a couple of tie-dye wearing fish bums, nothing could be further from the truth. To live the Fish Hippie lifestyle is to celebrate the finer side of outdoor living, to be mildly irreverent, to commune and connect with family and friends and most importantly, to “leave the status quo behind” and “drift off course” as often as life allows.

Our commitment is to create quality products that embody and represent the Fish Hippie lifestyle. In just a few short years, Fish Hippie has evolved from custom tees to now include fine apparel such as polo’s and button-downs with more fine lifestyle products on the way. Our apparel is designed to be high quality, comfortable and attractive and able to easily transition between work and play. We craft every piece of Fish Hippie clothing with as much inspiration and detail as those awe-inspiring and timeless places that we regularly drift off to. We hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy creating them.

And so, the “idea” we drew in the sand that day was not really an idea at all. It was, rather, a set of ideals and an appreciation for the finer side of outdoor life, on which Fish Hippie was established.